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Can You Sublimate Pocket Pillowcases? - What Is The Best Method? - Step-By-Step - [Updated 2023]

Can You Sublimate Pocket Pillowcases? – What Is The Best Method? – Step-By-Step [Updated 2023]

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Last Updated on December 15, 2022 by Michael Levi

Sublimation printing is prevalent for cushion covers. Sublimation printing is a cost-effective way to achieve a professional look. Sublimation cushion covers should be white or pale/natural in color to ensure the best possible color reproduction. They should be made from polyester and come in a range of fabrics. We will now discuss how to sublimate designs onto pocket pillowcases made of poly-linen.

Pillows can be an excellent way for you to create a comfortable space. A sublimation printer can make the pillow even cozier. This article will explain the basics of sublimation printing and how to make quality pillows for your home.

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How To Sublimate Pocket Pillowcases – Everything for Beginners

Why Choose Polylinen Pillowcases?

Sublimation-printed pillowcases can be an excellent investment for your business. There are many options when you start your own business. You don’t have to choose the fanciest fabric. You will have a strong presence on the market and great value for your money if you choose the suitable material.

How to Sublimate the Image on The Pillowcase

Supplies Required

  • Sublimation Printer
  • Sublimation paper
  • Pillow covers made of poly-linen that can be sublimated
  • Tape that is heat resistant

Follow These Steps To Sublimation Pillows

Follow These Steps To Sublimation Pillows - [Updated For 2022 ] -

Making The Cushion Cover

Your cushion cover should be clean and dry.

Before pressing, check it for any loose threads or leftover stitching from the production process. To remove the excess cable, use a tint roller. The heat press should flatten the cushion covers. Before pressing the cushion covers, close the heat press for 5-10 seconds. Pre-pressing flattens the cushion cover and eliminates any wrinkles.

Design Method

Your computer can be used to create the cushion cover artwork. Use a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or Coral Draw.

Cushion Cover

The heat press level will vary depending on the fabric weight and material type. Poly-linen should be heated to 200C for 60-70 seconds under medium pressure.

Layout Your Printed Design

Before pressing, it is a good idea to trim every edge of the paper. This is because the printing head often catches the edges of the paper during printing. Ink can stick to the edges of the article, which can transfer to the cushion cover. You can ensure a clean print by removing the edges of the paper. Hot tape is used to secure the paper transfer.

Step By-Step Instruction

  1. Turn on the heat press and adjust the time and temperature as per your needs.
  2. While heating the heat press, prepare your cushion cover.
  3. Turn your cushion cover into heat pressing.
  4. Take out the creases from the cushion.
  5. Cover with heat-resistant tape and paper transfer design.
  6. Before closing the heat press, wait until the time is up.
  7. Cover the heat press with a towel after you have completed your time.
  8. To remove the crease, heat the cushion.
  9. Please take off the tape and let it cool.

What Supplies Are Needed For Pillow Sublimation Printing

Here’s a list of materials I will be using to make this pillow. These are the supplies that you will need to use sublimation printing in your pillow projects:

Blanket Pillow Cover:

Fabric (100% polyester, cotton, or rayon blends are the most popular); Dye-sublimation printing is faster with pre-treated white fabric. However, you may experiment.

Sublimation Printer:

You need to select the best Sublimation printer that can be used to print high-quality images on many substrates. Sublimation printing involves the transfer of ink from its carrier material onto the substrate, drying with heat and pressure. This printer is handy for printing on plastic labels, polyester clothing, and any other product with an ink-receiving layer.

Heat Press Machine

The heat press machine is a new product that recently hit the market. The heat press machine secures fabrics with heat and pressure. You can use the heat press machine to make clothes, leather patches, and other materials. You can use it to create personalized placemats and mugs by printing images or logos onto an image.

Sublimation Ink & Paper:

The Epson Artisan 1430 is a high-quality DTG inkjet printer. You can print vibrant images right from your computer. This printer is fantastic! It can use eight different inks. It is excellent because it reduces the risk of getting ruined.

Pillow Sublimation Printing: How Do You Do It?

Pillow Sublimation Printing: How Do You Do It?

First, create a digital file with your artwork for pillow sublimation printing.

Next, print your image onto a sublimation printer. Then transfer your design to our Polyester fabric Inkjet Transfer. This is why we do not recommend inkjet transparencies.

You will need a photo of the size you would like your pillow covers to be. You should set your printer settings to “Photo/Image” quality. Set your printer settings to “Photo” to get a more detailed image. The file size must be at least 150 pixels.

Fourth, iron the printed image onto polyester fabric using medium heat for 45-60 seconds. Before you begin, make sure that your iron is clean. The image may smudge if it isn’t.

After printing the design on the transfer material, trim around the image, leaving a border of 1/8″ to 1/4″. Next, spray the back with adhesive and attach the form to the pillow fabric.

Remove the paper from your pillowcase and let it cool. These five steps will complete your pillow sublimation printing. Now you can insert your pillow form.

Where Can You Buy Sublimation Pillow Material Or A Pillow?


eBay Inc. is a leader in online commerce. It facilitates business and consumer transactions via its website. Pierre Omidyar founded eBay in 1996. It was a small startup at the peak of an economic bubble. However, it has become a significant success story with many other dot-com boomers.


Amazon offers all the materials you need to create custom pillow covers. You can mix and match colors with eBay wholesale pricing for great prices. All major online retailers and stores can quickly ship your pads or other supplies. Try these:

Get free shipping on millions more items when you shop now. Prime offers the best shopping experience. Enjoy low prices on all sublimation supplies and ready-made pillows.


Walmart is a fast-growing chain of superfast hypermarkets, departmental discount stores, and grocery stores in the United States. It is based in Bentonville, Arkansas, and serves customers worldwide through its extensive distribution network that includes over 8500 locations in 28 countries. Customers can also shop online through FlipkartWalmart_EU and Walmart Marketplace.

What Are Your Top Tips For Sublimation Pillows?

  1. As soon as you notice a good print, you will want to remove your pillow from the machine.
  2. Reduce your heat if it seems like you aren’t getting any color.
  3. You can turn up the heat if they appear streaky or uneven.
  4. Stop when the ink has dried on the pillows.
  5. Don’t stop printing, or you will not get a good print.
  6. After you’re satisfied with the result, let it sit for 10 minutes and see what happens.
  7. You don’t want complete coverage. You are looking for a range that is even.
  8. If the print still looks good after 10 mins, rinse it in cold water and wash it with dish soap. Dry them on low heat.
  9. If the pillow needs more time, you can give it ten minutes more.
  10. If you haven’t achieved it even after washing, increase your heat or decrease the pressure/ink.

Video Guide – How to Sublimate Pocket Pillowcases

This whole credit of this video goes to BestSub Sublimation Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions On Pocket Pillowcases (FAQs)


Pillowcases made of poly-linen are beautiful and versatile. The key to your business’s success is choosing the suitable fabric. There is a variety of things that you can create for your business with sublimation printed on Pocket Pillowcases.

It can be challenging to choose a suitable fabric for your business. There are so many options. The best thing to do is not pick the most expensive material. You will have a strong presence on the market and great value for your money if you choose a suitable fabric.

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