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How To Sublimation License Plates – Easy To Follow Step-By-Step [Updated For 2023]

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Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael Levi

Sublimation License Plates: Are you a car lover and enjoy creating your car with no use and attractive highlights? Do you want to have your own personalized and fashionable, elegant license plates? Why not add sublimation to your flat license plates?

You heard it correctly! Sublimation License Plate printing is the method that gives you the power to create your personalized items, including your car’s license plates, too. In this article, you’ll discover how to sublimate a license plate using your unique designs without investing the majority of your money and time.

Sublimation License Plates Easy To Follow For Beginners

Sublimation of license plates A Guide to the Process:

If you’re currently using sublimation printing, you’re likely to possess all the supplies at home we’ve recorded below.

  • Aluminum License Plates
  • Sublimation printer
  • Sublimation ink
  • Machine for Heating Press
  • Sublimation paper
  • Temperature Resistant Gloves
  • Lint Roller
  • Temperature Resistant Tape
  • Silicon Protective Paper
  • Nomex (a light fire-resistant, lightweight fiber that is light, fire-resistant, and lightweight) Pad
  • Silica mat (parchment paper)

Sublimation Printer:

A printer is essential for dye-sublimation printing. To ensure that the prints printed on plates are top-quality, you should get a sublimation printer that prints high-resolution images. Make sure you choose a printer with an efficient printing rate as this can help you save much on printing costs and produce excellent results.

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Sublimation Inks And Papers:

Sublimating plates need to use inks compatible with the sublimation printer and paper. Be sure that the ink is of top quality if you intend to use it to create dinner sets because low-quality or poor-quality inks can dissolve into food and cause issues.

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Plates Blanks:

When buying blank plates for sublimation, make sure you have the proper size of silicone mat. Containers are available in sizes and with different designs along their edges. However, make sure that they don’t have any printing on the center or in the location you would like to sublimate.

Heat Press Machine:

Also, for the machine to heat-press, choose those specifically designed to work with plates. Make sure you buy one that offers an extensive selection of sizes for silicon mats and, even when you don’t have the proper size, buy the one manufactured by the brand of the heat press machine.

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The Step By Step Process To Do Sublimation License Plate:


Step 1

The permit plate dimensions are approximately 5.88″ / 11.88″, which means it won’t work with an 8.5 11 piece of paper for transfer. You’ll need the 8.5 14” x 13′ sheet of sublimation. Choose the design that you want to use. Print your creation using a wide-format sublimation printer

Step 2

The sealer on the license plate needs to be removed. Start with one corner, and move to the back. This helps preserve the finish of the license plate while also removing the seal. Utilizing a lint roller, sweep across the entire surface of the container to remove it altogether.

Step 3

Set your sublimation print on your table, with the pink side facing up, and put the license plate over the photo on the cut side that has been sublimated. Ensure that the entire license plate is covered with your image to ensure that it’s appropriately placed. Attach the license plate to the paper with tape. We typically utilize heat-resistant tapes at four locations to ensure it stays in place during sublimation.

Put a Nomex pad along with sublimation on the bottom of the press. Then, you can place the permit plate. It’s best to turn the container to place the sublimation design on the top. Put a layer of protective paper on top of the.

Step 4

Set your heat press at 385 degrees Fahrenheit with moderate pressure for two minutes. Once it’s heated, turn the heat and press upwards or down for a few seconds to warm the base before putting it on the plate. It is essential to ensure that the sublimation logo is placed over the top. Press it for the previously specified time, temperature and pressure. Take the plate off the flame while wearing gloves that resist heat. Retrieve the sublimation print and place it on the heated skillet to show your stunning artwork.

Processing For Sublimation Printing For License Plates:

Processing For Sublimation Printing For License Plates -

Printing on plates using the sublimation printer is similar to the standard sublimation printing procedure. However, it needs more attention. Here are the steps to follow so that you can print plates precisely:

Move 1:

Find a blank plate that hasn’t gone through any sublimation procedure before. There could be patterns around the sides of dishes, but make sure that it’s white in the center.

Move 2:

Print your design on sublimation papers that are the same size as the printing area. Use an inkjet printer. Please give it to rest for a while before settling down.

Move 3:

Print your design now and then carefully place it at the center of the plate in the heat press. Gently begin the press.

Move 4:

After the Process is underway, you must monitor the temperature and pressure closely and ensure that it doesn’t exceed the limit of breaking for the plate. After approximately one minute of heat-pressing, remove the container and let it cool.

When the plate has cooled to room temperature, you can remove the paper, and you’ll be left with the sublimation plate with the customized design.

Tips For Perfect Sublimation Process On License Plates:

  • Before printing with Sublimate plates, it is essential to know the dimensions that the design will be published. The design must be printed as per the size of the area in the middle of the print.
  • The second thing to do is learn the temperature and pressure setting of the plates. This is crucial as higher pressurization on the plate could cause breaking the plate, and lesser pressure can result in poor quality prints.
  • Last but not least, use plates with sublimation that is lighter in the shade to produce vivid results.

Sublimate A License Plates – Complete Video Guide

The credit for following the best Hat Sublimation Printing goes to Heart and Hustle Printing YouTube Chanel:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


We genuinely hope that you’ll be able to personalize your license plate following this post. If you have additional questions or want to contribute a suggestion, do not hesitate to do so in the comment section below. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Utilizing sublimation license plates as a decoration for your home has been common in western houses. It’s an ideal gift option for family and friends. If you have an excellent business mind, you’re aware that you require plate blanks and a heating press to create ceramic dishes that you can customize with your designs to succeed.

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