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How You Can Do Sublimation On Canvas? What Is The Best Method? – Step-By-Step Guide [Updated For 2023]

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It could sound complicated and technical when we speak of sublimation printing or anything associated with it. However, in reality, it’s a pretty straightforward procedure.

The solid material is directly transformed into a gaseous state without passing through a liquid phase.

If we consider the sublimation on canvas, it’s the method of sublimating your preferred image onto canvas using the standard temperature setting for your heat press (380-420deg F). Then, the canvas is stretched out using stretcher bars. In the end, a vibrant and attractive canvas print is created. The same method is utilized to produce customized images.

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Sublimation On Canvas: Everything You Need To Know


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Materials That You Require To Prepare Canvas Sublimation Printing

The following is the required equipment you’ll require for this procedure.

1. Sublimation Paper:

The issue is, “can you use any paper as a sublimation paper?”. Yes, you can; however, the result will not be excellent. Paper isn’t a suitable medium for sublimation ink.

The most important to bear in mind is that the greater the limit of ink, the greater the weight of the paper must be to be able to take in water from ink.

2. Sublimation Printer:

If we went back a few years ago, this kind of printer was quite costly due to the rapid advancement in technology. However, as time passes, it is becoming more popular. The printer is increasing day by day. Therefore, prices have dropped dramatically. The most famous sublimation printers include Epson, Sawgrass, and Mutoh.

3. Canvas Blanks:

Polyester materials are the ideal and perfect substrate for transferring your designs. It gives you the best quality design. Blanks made from 100% cotton are not recommended as the design isn’t permanent and could wash off.

4. Sublimation Ink:

Sublimating ink is determined by the color of the dye employed for this process. The higher temperature permits the ink to go through sublimation without breaking or shifting. It is then an integral part of the image, and it will not fade as time passes.

The main difference between regular ink and sublimating is that it will not fade and will last for much longer than any other type of ink.

5. Computer And RIP Software:

The raster image processor is a program used to configure sublimation printing. This program is not available as part of the package and must purchase separately.

6. Cutting Mechanism:

In the process of sublimation, it is necessary to use a cutting device for sublimation, whether it’s either a knife or a blade. For example, when creating textile items, i.e., t-shirts, cushions, etc.

7. Heat Press Machine:

Its primary function involves transferring the design from sublimation papers onto the surface (cushions or mugs, t-shirts, and roasters). This creates an attractive image that is resistant to fade.

  • Flatted Heat Press.
  • Mini Heat Press.
  • 3-D Vacuum Heat Press.
  • Calender Heat Press.

Canvas Sublimation Printing Process:

Canvas Sublimation Printing Process - all sublimation printer
  1. As I’ve mentioned previously, sublimation is when a solid substance directly transforms into a gaseous state without passing through a liquid phase.
  2. What is sublimation printing? How does it function? The steps below are contained in the document.
  3. Once you’ve decided on the design you want, you’ll employ a sublimation printer to create your design on sublimation paper.
  4. Utilizing a press, your design will transfer from the paper onto the desired substrate.
  5. It is essential to ensure you use high-quality paper and a perfect temperature to ensure that the design stays bright and does not fade off.

Best 4 Places to Buy Canvas Sublimation Blanks:

1. Etsy:

It’s an e-commerce business. It offers nearly everything related to sublimation. If we are talking about empty blanks, Etsy boasts more than 16,000 options and costs 9.34dollars per blank, on average.

2. Amazon:

This brand doesn’t require any introduction. It is available in every major country around the world. It has some of the most delicate quality items like sublimation printers, ink blanks, mugs, etc. When you purchase through Amazon, one of the benefits is that it offers you a secure method of transaction and a no-questions-asked return policy.

3. Sublime:

The company is located in Barcelona. It offers Sublimation blanks and mugs, printer ink, and related products.

4. HeatPress Nation:

It’s the top store for buying sublimation blanks. They will provide you with the top products at a fair cost. In addition, this website offers complete security and security at each payment process.

Tips for improving Canvas Sublimation Printing:

  • Use a RIP installed on your computer to get an exact size print pattern.
  • Use a high-quality dye and high temperatures to transfer the design onto the fabric. To ensure that the design is durable.
  • Always choose a sublimation-based paper instead of a regular paper.
  • Verify the temperature of the heat press.
  • Attach your item to the object.
  • Modify your design to match the abstract you intend to print.
  • Sublimation printing takes place first before sewing takes place. Therefore, keep your design slightly off away from the edges to protect yourself from an awkward situation.
  • Understand your customer’s needs, demands, and other aspects they’re looking for. This will help you earn the highest rating in your area of expertise.
  • Be sure to read the directions before making use of any product.

Video Guide – How To Sublimation On Canvas?

This whole credit of this video goes to Charmaine Galloway Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The growing demand for personalized work has brought this industry a boom, and it’s impossible to overlook the significance of this technology. It may be costly compared with other methods; however, the pictures created from it are durable and bright.

You may be seeking a piece of good information, or you are looking to start your own business in sublimation. This info should be helpful to you either way.

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