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How To Sublimation On Tiles- Can You Sublimate a Ceramic Tile - [Updated 2022]

How To Sublimation On Tiles- Can You Sublimate a Ceramic Tile – [Updated 2023]

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Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael Levi

Sublimated tiles are an excellent way to keep a crucial memory and can be a fantastic product to market to your clients. Sublimation on tiles is reasonably priced and is generally easy to sublimate. If you’re not familiar with sublimating ceramic tiles, some guidelines and tips could assist you.

Do you want to add color to your dull, ugly tile? Perhaps you can decorate it to give it to your loved ones or yourself or even make it look like your sexy neighbor begins to envy your style. Sublimation is accessible and always beautifies the structure, home, or studio you live in.

It’s also made more accessible for you by following the guidelines and all requirements for the materials we’ve given you so you can enhance your tile within just a few hours.

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Sublimation On Tiles For Beginners:

Sublimation On Tiles For Beginners -

Everything You Need To Know For Sublimation On Tiles:

The following are the essential equipment you’ll require for this procedure.

1. Sublimation Printer

Sublimation printers have, over time, gained popularity because it is less expensive and efficient, as well as quick and more user-friendly than the traditional method of printing an image onto the material. In addition, ionizing the solid molecules in ink could result in top-quality, personalized designs for the item. Sawgrass, as well as Epson, are among the top contenders in this area.

2. Sublimation Papers And Inks

The next step is to select the top sublimation ink praised due to its work in the dye-sublimation line. Also, Sawgrass and Epson make their presence felt by allowing high-quality inks for sublimation to be applied on the tile and at extreme temperatures to display the image on paper with no cracks. However, Sublimation inks, as well as papers, are the same thickness as thieves. The higher the quality of the ink and the thicker the paper must be.

3. Tile Blanks

Tiles come in various shapes, rounds, and sizes. It is essential to select the tile from a range of tiles based on your mind’s image. The most appropriate tile for you will be the tile you have chosen to hold on your table.

4. Heat Press Machine

The outcome of your ideal image is then printed on the tile utilizing pressure and heat produced by the machine. Two well-known heat press machines are readily available, both in a manual and automatic manner.

Sublimation In The Tile Printing Process:

Sublimation In The Tile Printing Process:

Applauds to the folks who collected all the supplies needed to print tiles. But then, there’s the essential exam question, “How do you sublimate your tile?” Or it can be asked in various ways, for example, “How does the printing process operate?” Try asking your friend, and I’m confident he’s confused about what printing is. Where?

This is an instruction sheet to help you understand sublimation printing to ceramic tile.

  1. A design must be printed on the specially designed sublimation paper in the printer.
  2. The temperature was set at 400 degrees F.
  3. The stopwatch timer is set to 7 to 6-7 minutes, based on the size of the tile. Of course, more oversized tiles will require more time.
  4. It converts the solid molecules to gas by directly applying the energy.
  5. Utilizing the machine for heat pressing, your design can be printed on the tile.
  6. Press gently to ensure that there aren’t any cracks popping up.
  7. When pressure is applied, the ink is cooled and returned to its solid state.
  8. It bonds itself to tiles by using the strength of adhesive. So now you’re all set to go on a moonwalk.

The Five Best Places To Buy Ceramic Tile Blanks:

1. Amazon:

Why is Amazon? It’s the most popular platform for affiliate marketing products. But the primary reason is that you can purchase the top of the best tiles here. I came across the heart-shaped tile on my first look for blank tiles. Would it be a lovely idea to delight your angry spouse with a personalized love tile in your home?

2. Etsy:

Are you sure that Etsy is also the future of selling the most cost-effective and efficient tile blanks? Go to the search engine and type in the size, shape, shape, or tile type. Etsy will bring it for you.

3. HeatPressNation:

Many positive customer reviews are coupled with excellent customer service. Heating presentation is precisely where you’ll want to search for titles that are easy to be delivered simply at your location. Without much hassle, you’ll receive packaged and secured blank tiles on time before the deadline.

4. Best Sub:

Best sub offers a wide range of tiles made of clay that can be cut in any size and shape without cracks. The tiles have the perfect layout for families. They are widely used by homeowners with tiny houses and souvenir shops and are often given as gifts to family members.

5. Sublime:

Sublime offers a wide range of sublimation tiles within its vast selection. It’s an excellent opportunity to search for your ideal tile as you’ll see various shapes of tiles that will fit your layout.


  • Follow the instructions, follow the guidelines, and ensure you are prepared with a complete list of required items.
  • Make sure you are prepared before reading the directions.
  • Choose a quality dye with the specially-designed sublimation paper, which will help make the design last longer.
  • Always test the humidity levels.
  • Security is your top priority.
  • Be sure that the pressure is low to ensure that cracks don’t form.
  • Make sure you are using the correct heat.
  • Make sure to use sublimation paper, not the standard one.
  • Make sure you can read the stopwatch or the timer to reduce human reaction errors.
  • Make sure you adjust your tile according to where you’d like the print to appear.
  • Offer the highest level of customer service by understanding the needs and goals of your clients and having various tiles available in your catalog for imprinting your logo.


 The tiles should be coated with polymer. Sublimation only works on polyester or coated polyester substrates. The majority of places that offer sublimation blanks are going to sell tile. Be sure that the tiles you purchase for sublimation will suit the reason. If they’re not coated with a polymer and are not poly-coated, they won’t be able to work.


Find a high-quality heater. It is best to avoid using a clamshell press for tiles if possible. Because the tiles are heavy and the clamshell is hinged in from the rear end, you’ll end up having lots of uneven pressure and light areas of the tile if you use a clamshell press.


Purchase a pyrometer and a surface probe to ensure that the press is 40 degrees even though it says 400. Buy a pyrometer and a surface probe to check your press’s temperature at several different places. The displays can be inaccurate, between a few degrees off to 50 degrees or more. Uneven temperatures can impact the final product.


In terms of an approach, our preferred method is to ensure a high-quality moderately dense soft silicone rubber heat-resistant pad in the platen lower of the press. Place the paper facing the print side facing up and then put the tile face down onto the printed. Press the tile with medium-heavy pressure to press the tile onto the mat on the platen below. Press for about 8-9 minutes at 400 degrees. This method is more time-consuming on the presses. However, when you press it upside-down, you will have a high-quality sublimated image that covers the entire side of the tile and even on the beveled edge that drops down towards the side. It’s a full-bleed edge-to-edge image of top quality.

Video Guide – How To Sublimation On Tiles?

The whole credit of this video goes to Pro World Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The Sublimation printing on tiles process is gaining popularity in the present and can create stunning, high-quality design patterns on tiles that highlight your hobbies and passions. If you adhere to our guidelines, you can make the most of this technology and make a present for the birthday celebration on your calendar. Also, wish him a great tile imprinting your interests.

Based on the size of the tiles and your press, you might be able to work with several tiles at one time. Make sure that you apply uniform pressure throughout the tiles and enough pressure to force the tiles into the pad. When the time has passed, remove the tiles from the paper and press (gloves are suggested for this task), and let them cool for a couple of minutes. Don’t let the tiles cool while the paper remains in them, as this could cause ghosting. After cooling, your tile is complete.

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