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Can You Sublimate On Water Bottles – What Is The Best Method? Complete Guide [Updated 2023]

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Last Updated on December 16, 2022 by Michael Levi

How can you make Sublimation on Water Bottles?

Sublimation is a unique process in which you print and sublimate your ideas onto absolutely anything these days. In this article, we will tell you how you can sublimate to water bottles.

How can you make Sublimation on Water Bottles?

People are always looking for something new, and it is a universal truth that we all need hope and motivation throughout our day. So what can be even better when we can see motivational quotes on our water bottles? We all carry water bottles, and we see something different on it. It will surely make our hearts bloom.

Sublimation of water bottles enhances the beauty of water bottles. There are varieties of things you can do sublimation on water bottles. Sublimated water bottles are also a great gift to some of your friends.

Most often, water bottles made of metal are used in this method. This is since they can withstand the heat and pressure from the press. If you are looking to learn sublimation on water bottles, think about these steps:

  1. Create the image.
  2. Adjust the size to fit the dimensions of the bottle.
  3. Press the printer button to enable the printer settings.
  4. Select a printer, take the picture and print it.
  5. Place the bottle in alignment and press it using a mug press.
  6. Take the bottles out of the wrapping.
  7. Cut the printout.

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All Necessities:

  • Heat tape
  • Sublimation printer
  • Press*Settings*Time*Time – 60 seconds
  • Medium pressure
  • Water bottle blank
  • Vinyl transfer tape
  • Temp – 400oF
  • Sublimation ink
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Sublimation Of Water Bottles Is A Process Step-By-Step:



Open your design software on your computer, and then load the image you would like to print. If you’d like to design your designs, the same can be done. After you’ve got your design in place, you can use the dimensions of the bottle to alter the size of your image before printing. This will allow your design to be perfectly sized for the bottle.

Print The Image, And Tape It To:

Select the icon for your printer, or press Ctrl and P to turn on the printer’s settings. You can then select the printer that you will use for this procedure. You can also set the source of the paper, the quality of printing, and the media type.

Based on the number of water bottles you wish to work with, you can decide the number of copies you want to print. Without forgetting, choose “Mirror Image” before pressing “Print.”


With alcohol and a piece of paper towel, spray the bottle, then wipe the grease off that may be in the bottle. Then put the printout that was sublimated on the bottle, and then light it precisely. Then, utilizing the heat tape, ensure that the printout is correct by pointing the picture in the opposite direction.

Cut The Printout:

Cut the printout along the gridline, leaving an adequate size piece that can be tucked into the water bottle. It is possible to use scissors to cut this part.

Once you have the settings set according to the instructions above, wrap your water bottle with copier paper. Then, place it into the press for mugs. Press for 60 seconds, keeping it below 400oF. If the image is centered on the bottle, rotate it after 60 seconds and press the second side for another 60 seconds.


While you are setting the water bottle to sublimate, make sure that you have aligned everything properly as once the sublimation is done, there is no going back now. So you have to be vigilant while converting the design of the print onto the surface of the water bottle.

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The whole credit of this video goes to JDS Industries Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Final Verdict

We hope that our article might have helped you figure out how to sublimate on water bottles. It is a straightforward process, and you have to pick designs you want to put on your water bottle and follow some simple steps to get your water bottle sublimated.

Similar to coffee mugs and tumblers, the Sublimation print on water bottles is heart-warming. The print is of high-quality photographs. Furthermore, the ink and metal bonds are sturdy and resistant to scratches. This makes it an extremely durable printing that will last for a long time.

The process of sublimation on water bottles is easy, but it is time taking to other sublimation processes compared.

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