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What Is Phone Cases Sublimation? Can You Sublimate A Phone Case – Step-By-Step[Updated For 2023]

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Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Michael Levi

Mobile phones are an integral aspect of our lives. Making it our own to our specifications can make it feel more personal. Sublimation phone cases let us have the option of designing our designs for the phone. If you’re searching for a brand new business model, look at this article to learn more about the sublimation of mobile covers and what to do, and where to get the most effective phone cases that are entirely blank.

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Required Tools & Material: For Phone Case Sublimation:

Sublimate phone cases with your designs, and you don’t need a lot of equipment. Four items will be sufficient to get started with the sublimation of your phone covers.

Sublimation Inks and Papers:

Sublimation inks provide the most effective results when used in conjunction with a compatible printer. Make sure to get the correct print head and ink thermoplastic. The sublimation paper you choose to use must reflect the exact color of the ink. To make sure, select the same type of paper as the ink.

Sublimation Printer:

A sublimation printer is often the first thing required to begin any unit that uses sublimation. To guarantee a higher contrast in color and superior resolution, you must ensure your printer is high-quality and prints with perfection. Choose high-end Sawgrass as well as Epson printers.

The Heat Press:

You’ll need a machine to precisely print the designs on the phone cases at the final stage. Therefore, you should purchase a premium heating press from reputable companies and reliable websites. Also, make sure you choose one with the most extensive range of temperature settings so that you can meet the heating needs of different covers for phones and shades.

Blank Phone Cases:

Purchase sublimation phone cases for the model of your phone that you wish to print. Find them on a trusted retailer or site to ensure high quality and avoid circumstances that contain more polyethylene parts in them.

Best Blank Phone Case Cover From Amazon

All Best Blank Sublimation Phone Case Cover 2023

Processing For Sublimation Printers On Phone Cases:

Processing For Sublimation Printers On Phone Cases

Sublimating a phone case is very similar to the sublimation process used on t-shirts, however with a slight twist. Here are the steps you need to follow to make the perfect Custom phone case:

Step 1

Find a release paper that is specially designed and a thermoplastic ink based on plastisol to print your designs onto it.

Step 2.

Take the release paper and put it on the phone case blank. Press it by heating it with high temperatures and pressure for a brief time. The thermoplastic ink will stick the color molecules to the phone cases when exposed to high temperatures and pressure.

Step 3.

Then, you can have your designs printed using thermoplastic ink on special-release paper with the sublimation printer.

Step 4.

Once the heat press process is complete, remove your phone’s case, and allow it to cool to room temp. After cooling, remove the release sheet, and you’ll get your design printed onto the phone case.

Printing designs on phones ensures that the prints are permanent and vivid. The strategies also become free of shrinkage, and fade, and don’t lose their hue.

Best Websites For Purchase: Sublimation Phone Case Blanks:

Best Websites For Purchase: Sublimation Phone Case Blanks:

Check out these websites to find the most suitable phone case blanks.

1. Amazon:

Amazon is the only marketplace you should visit to purchase top telephone case templates. You will find hundreds of sellers offering hundreds of phone case cases high-quality, and because of the fierce demand from sellers, you can get the items at a reduced price.

Buy From Amazon

2. Etsy:

Etsy is the best site for those with a desire for vintage goods. It offers personalized products and excellent quality. For example, you will find high-end phone cover blanks, as well as stylish phone cases. Also, their open craft fairs are the ideal place to purchase top-quality products at an affordable price.

3. Subli Blanks:

Subli Blanks is your all-in-one solution for all sublimation items you require. Subli Blanks offers more than 100 kinds of sublimation equipment, and the primary thing they are focused on is quality and speedy delivery. So if you are looking to purchase items for your sublimation printing machine, You can find every item here.

4. Best Sub:

With more than two decades of business, this e-commerce sublimation site has evolved to become a one-stop shop for all your sublimation-related requirements. The site offers more than 6000 items to choose from and has a vast delivery network to ensure that the items you want are delivered promptly.

5. Sublime:

If you require vinyl products or accessories, or ovens and machinery to printers, this website provides all the necessary products. For sublimation blanks, there are many categories to pick your preferred product. Then, you need to type your name into the search bar for the blank sublimation product, and they’ll make the item for you.

Tips To Design The Perfect Phone Case Sublimation

  • Sublimation on a custom phone cover seems to be a simple procedure, but that’s not the case. First, it is essential to understand the proper ink and paper to go with your phone’s case. To get the perfect print, make sure you utilize an ink thermoplastic ink and a specially-formulated release paper.
  • In the end, you will not get to get a flawless print on the first attempt as it requires lots of practice practicing to master the combinations of colours and the saturation necessary for that perfect image.
  • Then, know the temperature settings needed to allow the ink to be incorporated into your phone’s case. In most cases, thermoplastic needs more significant heat but with less pressure.


While you are setting the water bottle to sublimate, make sure that you have aligned everything properly as once the sublimation is done, there is no going back now. So you have to be vigilant while converting the design of print onto the surface of the water bottle.

Video Guide – For Phone Case Sublimation

The whole credit for this video goes to Technotape International Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Question On Sublimation Phone Cases (FAQs)

Final Words:

If you are thinking of sublimating your designs onto the sublimation phone cases and making it your brand-new business model, Then this is the time to get started. First, begin cleansing phone covers by acquiring all the necessary information in this article. Then, get your sublimation mobile cover today.

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