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How To Do Sublimation On T-Shirts - Everything You Need To Know!

How To Do Sublimation On T-Shirts – Everything You Need To Know!

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Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by Michael Levi

Sublimation printing is all about trying new things and surfaces to print your ideas on. If you are thinking of making your custom design on a t-shirt, this article is perfect for you. If you feel stuck and don’t know how to sublimate print on a t-shirt, don’t worry; we have covered you.

Sublimation printing on t-shirts is always a good idea as many people are always supporting their business with the help of printing their logos and business design onto shirts. Hence, sublimation printing on t-shirts can be hectic at first, but once you have got into it, you may earn a lot more than you had invested.

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Sublimation printing on t-shirts – Step By Step:

What Is T-Shirts Sublimation Printing?

What Is T-Shirts Sublimation Printing? -

The T-shirt sublimation process is a type of sublimation printing in which you can sublimate your custom design onto the surface of a t-shirt.

The T-shirt sublimation printing process is a heat conversion process in which the word or images are transferred into the fabric through heat. The use of heat plays a vital role as the ink or dye is seeped into the t-shirt’s fabric due to heat.

All The Equipment And The Supplies Are Needed For Sublimation printing on t-shirts:

There are six central pieces of equipment that you’re going to need for sublimation printing:

  • Design software
  • Sublimation ink/dye
  • Sublimation printer
  • Transfer paper
  • Heat press
  • T-shirts

It would help if you also had a proper workspace to safely store all of your equipment. Make sure that you have some suitable place in your mind.

All The Sublimation Materials Which You Need:

These are the material that you would already have if you were into the business of sublimation printing. The only different thing is the surfaces you are converting the design onto.

Sublimation Printer:

The best sublimation printer is the most important thing to start the process of sublimation printing. Without a sublimation printer, you can’t sublimate on the surface of the t-shirt.

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Sublimation printing is a particular type of printer that is different in how it prints on another type of paper known as sublimation paper. Then that design is converted into the surfaces of other things like t-shirts which are best to fit in this scenario, and many more other things like mugs, glass plates fabric, etc.

Sublimation Paper/ Transfer Paper:

The sublimation printer prints best on sublimation paper. A particular type of printer is used to transfer the design on your choices of surfaces, like the t-shirt and many more characters.

Sublimation Ink:

Using good sublimation ink is necessary for the out product of the sublimation. Sublimation inks are pretty different from the inks. They are made up of various chemical components, which are unique in that sublimation ink covers into gas while leaving the print on the surface of a t-shirt. Hence, for the perfect result of sublimation, you must use the best quality sublimation inks.

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Heat Press Machine:

A heat press is a mechanism through which the heat is transferred to the sublimated print, which helps the paint come off on the object’s surface to be sublimated. You can also use iron stands for the process of providing heat. The best size of heat press you will need for the heat press is 15*15 inches.

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Best T-shirts For Sublimation:

Cotton might be a heck of a deal to work within the process of sublimation printing on the surfaces of different t-shirts. It is hard to sublimate perfectly on the cotton.

 We suggest you sublimate print on the t-shirts made p off 100% polyester as polyester of good quality gives off the best sublimation printing results. If you are going to start a sublimation printing business on t-shirts, you must choose perfect quality f t-shirts that might never cause any complaints from your customers. You have to find the best quality polyester in the market as sublimation printing is a costly process. If you use bad quality of the surface you want to sublimate on, you are causing yourself a significant loss.

Best Software For Sublimation Design:

Here we are presenting you with a list of software that we think might work best for your process for editing sublimation design. Having software for sublimation printing is very important for the business to fly with high colors.

  • GIMP
  • Photoshop
  • CorelDraw
  • Inkscape
  •  Illustrator

Sublimation Printing Process:

Follow these simple steps to get into sublimation printing on t-shirts.

Firstly you must pick out the design which you have to sublimate on the surface of your t-shirt. It is essential that you set the image of the custom design of your choice with the proper software before sending it to the sublimation printer.

When you have set all the design details, you have to print your design. Ensure that you use high-quality f sublimation paper and sublimation ink to ensure that the results are outstanding.

The next step would be to heat press the printed design onto the surface of the t-shirt. Ensure that you are sublimating in the right place on the shirt, as the sublimation is supposed to stay there forever.

Hence, all the work is done, and your shirt is ready to wear.

Best T-shirt Sublimation Printing Complete Video Guide:

The credit for following the best t-shirt sublimation printers goes to MamaPlusCEO YouTube Chanel:


In conclusion, we have tried our level best to let you know every bit of the details you guys might need to get started with sublimation printing on t-shirts. It would be best if you had basic things such as a sublimation printer and all the basic necessities and a heat press o that you can work best with the sublimation process on t-shirts. We hope that you guys are helped by all the information we have put in our article, as after much research, we gained all this knowledge to present you with the best details of sublimation printing processes for you all.

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