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What Is Wood Sublimation? - How To Sublimate On Wood In 2023 - Step-By-Step - Complete Guide

What Is Wood Sublimation? – How To Sublimate On Wood In 2023 – Step-By-Step – Complete Guide

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Last Updated on December 13, 2022 by Michael Levi

Well as we all are familiar with the fact that nowadays sublimation printing business is too much in the market. There are so many types of sublimation printing; one of the most famous materials in the process of sublimation has been happening in wood.

Wood sublimation is a type of sublimation printing in which the surface where the print is converted onto is the lobe of a wood. inwood sublimation, the price of wood or even a sheet of wood is used as the surface to convert or we can say to sublimate the print.

We all love to décor our homes, have you seen that there are calendars made on sheets of wood, those all are common examples of sublimation on wood that we all might have seen in our life.

Well, if you don’t know what sublimation is then let us tell you that sublimation is a process in which a special type of sublimation ink is used which transfers the print onto the surface the print is needed on.

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Why Wood Sublimation Is Famous?

As we all like to enhance the beauty of our homes and other places, that’s why sublimating on wood has been introduced which helps people to print the things which they like, such as a picture of their family on a wooden frame and more stuff like that.

Sublimation printing on wood gives vintage look, such things are really liked by people these days people are always looking for something new, something interesting. That’s why wood sublimation is so into people these days.

Sublimation on wood is generally used for artwork, mostly art students paint and draw on the pieces of wood, cut in round shapes. They also paint their drawing and then scan it, print it, and then sublimate it onto the piece of wood. These days aesthetics are really into the market and surely wood sublimation adds aesthetics to such things.

What Is The Best Method To Sublimate On Wood?

What is the best method to sublimate on wood?

Sublimating on wood might be a bit different compared to the normal sublimation process.

Well, to start up with the sublimation printing on the wood you would need:

  • Plain wood
  • Coats of polyacrylic – 2
  • Coats of a multi-surface paint – 2
  • Graphics that you want to transfer on wood should be printed on the sublimation printer.
  • Laminating film

To sublimate on the wood you may follow the given steps:

Step#1: Coating The Sublimated Print.

It is really important that you coat the sublimated print on wood through the coat of polyacrylic or any other thing you use so that the print stays put on the surface for a long.

Step#2: Adding Lamination To The Wood

Once you have transferred the design on the lamination sheet then through the use of a heat press you have to transfer the design onto the wood piece of your choice.

  • After setting the design on the wood, it is really necessary that you cut off the access part of the lamination sheet.

Step#3: Transfer The Design To Be Printed Onto The Lamination Sheet

First, you have to set up the laminated sheet perfectly fine and then transfer the printed design to the lamination sheet.


We are here using the lamination sheets to transfer the print onto the surface of the wood; it helps the design to be stuck onto the surface of the wood.

How Sublimation Wood Blanks Are Made?

How sublimation wood blanks are made

It is totally possible to make our own sublimation blanks, as you have to coat the substrates with a high coating so that the print which you have to sublimate stays put on the surface for a long.

A soft substrate is not in need of a healing process, not as much as a hard is in need of heat to convert the design onto the blank. There are always different requirements from the surfaces to accept sublimation ink.

Sublimation blanks: Sublimation blanks are the substrates that make it easy for the print to be sublimated onto the surface of the object the person wants. it helps in the process of sublimation in such a process that it traps the ink molecules onto the surface of the object. That’s what a sublimation ink and that is how it helps in the process of sublimation.

Making your own blanks for imprinting in dye sublimation is not hard at all, you have to coat the print on hard substrates. Once you have coated the whole print properly then the substrate will accept dye sublimation ink during the heating process. The heating will convert the design onto the surface of the blank. This will happen by receiving heat from the heating process, the heat will help the print to be embedded into the blank.

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Performing Sublimation Wood Printing.

Practice makes a person perfect and with sublimation printing, you just have to keep on trying and with time you will see that you have come a long way.

Sublimation printing may be hard at first if you are starting up your business as a beginner but trust the process as with time you know all about sublimation printing and how to do it the right way.
Well, here we are telling you about some of the keep and deep detail that every person should keep in mind while performing sublimation printing.

  • Never compromise on the quality of the materials that you use for the process of sublimation printing as the quality decides the rate of your buyer. The quality of the material sets the interest of customers for your sublimation printing business.

Material That You Need For The Sublimation Printing.

Well, the process of sublimation is mostly the same whether you are doing it on paper or any other surface such as polyester, wood, ceramics, etc.

For the process of sublimation on wood, you may need a couple of extra things so that the print may stay put on the surface of the object you want to sublimate the print on whether it is wood or some other surface.

The Important Thing You Need:

  • SUBLIMATION PRINTER: The most important thing that you need to have to start the business of sublimation printing is the sublimation printer itself. Without a sublimation printer, you cannot perform the task of sublimation printing. The quality of the sublimation printer provides texture to the sublimated prints, so if you want to have proper texture on the print which you are sublimating on the wooden surface.  Most buyers looking for the texture of wood while buying sublimated wooden stuff. So if you want to have a buyer then you have to start your business with a proper printer that can provide texture and reality to your sublimation process.
  • SUBLIMATION INK:  As we all know that we cannot use normal ink for the process of sublimation as it can result in damage to certain things, most of all the sublimation printer. Using regular or normal ink for the sublimation printing process will never work as the sublimation ink have different chemicals which make it dye sublimation ink.

It is highly recommended that you use the best quality sublimation inks, most people have brilliant sublimation printers but they do not spend much on the quality of the sublimation ink which results in the failure of the quality of the sublimated print.

  • SUBLIMATION PAPER: Well for sublimation on wooden blocks you should make sure that the sublimation paper you have is of best quality as it may result into the fine result of outcome of the print or the damage of the print.


Everything matters in the sublimation printing process, and when you are sublimating wood, you can not take anything which will affect the quality of your print.

Tips For Perfect Sublimation Process On Wooden Blanks.

  1. If you want your sublimation printing process to succeed then there are a few things you should keep in mind while making the blanks you coat them completely fine as coating helps the print to stay put onto the surface of the wood or any other surface.
  2. Make sure to be perfect in your work, once you practice sublimation printing then you become better at it from time to time.
  3. It is really important that you make sure to use the right substrate to print onto the surface of the surface you want the design to be printed on.
  4. Using quality products can never give you any setbacks.
  5. Make sure to implement new and vast designs while selling the sublimated products. Variety in the products will for sure bring newcomers.

Best Place To Buy Sublimation Wood Blanks

Best place to buy sublimation wood blanks

Well, you can find numerous places from where you can easily buy sublimation blanks, some of the online stores that provide a variety of sublimation blanks for woods are given below.

  • AMAZON: we all know amazon, it is really famous for providing products of different varieties and amazon can really deliver to most parts of the world. With Amazon, you may have a look at a variety of blanks that you can get through amazon online
  • With Amazon, you can get a variety of products easily and most of all you can easily see the product review before buying. The reviews will help you a lot to make up your mind as per the need for the blanks which you have to buy to continue your sublimating printing process.
  • HEAT PRESS NATION: heat press nation is an online platform that provides products that are generally connected with the sublimation printing process, here you can find many products regarding sublimation printing. The prices here are also very low, you can easily get what you want at such reasonable prices.
  • Sublime: this site generally has most of the products regarding the art of printing. If you want to get accessories regarding the process of printing whether it is sublimation printing or any other printing then you can easily buy them from there. Sublime gives you the freedom to choose the products which you want to buy with a lot of different products being displayed you have many options to choose the one which you want.

Video Guide – What Is Wood Sublimation?

The whole credit for this video goes to Craftable Things Youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Final Verdict

We hope that by reading our article you have got an idea of how you can easily convert any print onto the surface of the wood. In our article, we have precisely discussed all the details about wood sublimation printing and how you can use different things to get sublimation on wood.

If you want to buy sublimation blanks online that we also have provided some online platforms from where you can easily get all the products regarding the business of sublimation printing.

Most people like to decorate their homes with so many fancy things one of which is wood that is sublimated, there is a good demand for wood sublimation in the market as these days people are always looking for new and trendy options.

In our article there are the whole details of each of the things which you might need to start sublimating on wood, we hope that you’ll like our efforts and subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss any informative articles by us.

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